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Once you complete initial registration, you will be sent a final registration to complete along with instructions on submitting your cardio results.  You will also get information of group events that will be scheduled throughout this ten (10) week event.  Your registration will not be complete until your final registration has been accepted and you receive a competitor confirmation.

Get To Movin' Cardio Challenge

Get To Movin' for 10 weeks with this Cardio Challenge by running, walking, biking or swimming for young ladies 14-24 years old.

In an effort to promote fitness among young ladies, Exodus Outreach Ministries is launching the 2013 Women of Destiny, Daughters of Purpose Get It Movin' Cardio Challenge.  This is a ten week challenge meant also to be fun.

Participants may choose one of four cardio challenges or participate in a combination of all four. Participants can do as much or as little in each individual category as long as the total is at least 100% for the selected level by the end of the ten weeks.

Participants will receive awards based off of completion of one of three levels:

• Level 1 – Participants will have to achieve at least 60 points to receive a certificate.

• Level 2 – Participants will have to achieve at least 90 points to receive a tee-shirt and a certificate.

• Level 3 – Participants will have to achieve at least 120 points to receive a medal, tee-shirt and a certificate.

During registration, you will be ask to select a level.  You can always increase your level.  However, you will not be allow to decrease your level.

How to calculate points?


Number of miles ran multiplied by 1

i.e. 4 (miles ran) x 1 = 4 points


Number of miles walked multiplied by 1

i.e. 6 (miles ran) X 1 = 6 points


Number of miles swarmed multiplied by 4

i.e. 1 (mile swamed) x 4 = 4 points


Number of miles biked multiplied by .25

i.e. 8 (miles biked) x .25 = 2 points

Combination of events:

Ran 3 miles x 1 = 3 points

Biked 5 miles x .25 = 1.25 points

Total points = 4.2

NOTE: If you are under 18 years old, you will need parental consent.

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