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Girl Talk Cafe


Do you have a question that you have been wanting to ask but never found the right place to ask it?  Well, this is for you!


How you ever wondered how others ladies were doing something you want to do?  This is for you!


Enjoy an evening with live music and open mic for poetry and short stories. 


Exchange ideas with a discussion panel or community leaders.


This event is open to young ladies 14 and up.

Free ticket includes all events.


Space is limited. Please register for your free ticket.



If you are interested in sharing a poem or short story, send email to with your name, name of the poem or short story and approximate time length of reading. If you are not the original writer, please provide the name of the author. Precedence will be given to original work.


Girl Talk Schedule


*Saturday, August 6, 2016 starting at 1:30 pm

Exodus Outreach Ministries

Jirani Coffeehouse

9425 West Street

Manassas, Virginia 20110


* Scheduled to be recorded for future broadcasting.

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