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Hidden Jewels


A women ministry of Exodus Outreach Ministries with the vision through mentorship, encouragement and empowerment (ME2) for their perfecting, their work of the ministry and their edification   The focus of the ministry is to help young ladies discover the hidden jewels placed within them by providing a safe and comfortable environment to grow and develop their God-given purpose with encouragement, guidance, mentoring and through edification.  An array of program and opportunities will be provided to facilitate the following:


  • To eradicate thought patterns which produce destructive behavior like ideation or attempts of suicide, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse, high school drop out

  • To provide a true sense of value

  • To heal from physical, mental, spiritual and/or emotional abuse including those that are self-inflicted.

Women of Destiny, Daughters of Purpose


Women of Destiny, Daughters of Purpose is the mentoring outreach of Hidden Jewels by bringing spiritually mature women (Women of Destiny) together with young ladies between the ages of 12 to 29 (Daughters of Purpose).  The mentoring program is divided into a cycle plan of 1-3-5 which centers on the thought of a one year life plan, a three year life plan and a five year life plan while asking the question, "Where do you see yourself in one year, three years, and five years?"  Each initial mentorship relationship is for a commitment of one year with required activities for the development of the Women of Destiny and the Daughters of Purpose.


If interested in being a mentor or would like to get a mentor, click here to send an email for Mentoring.

Girl Talk Cafe


Girl Talk Cafe is a quarterly outreach that provides healthy fellowship and appreciation between Women of Destiny and Daughters of Purpose by facilitating open dialogue and shared information in a group setting.  This program promote leadership, follow through, community and team building, as well as project planning and management through its television production efforts.


More information of upcoming events and how to get involved, go to Girl Talk Cafe.

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